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About us

GOERRI is a company primarily engaged in the aerospace machining.

We have 38 years experience in this industry but also manufacture components for the defense sector, rail as well as the automotive industry, manufacturing small series, dies, punches / cutters and their parts.

In our projects we developed the Integrated Management of the program, thus offering our customers: Purchase of Raw Material, Technical Material Receiving, Processing Pathways manufacturing, machining, end Process Management ...

GOERRI strives for excellence in all the projects since its founding, an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and expansion of its resources, offering its customers a wider range of services.

We serve our customers plant staff in 24-hour shifts and their technical department to ensure both the production and the quality of their products.

Our customers rank us as one of the leading companies in the sector in relation Quality / Price: we have the experience and resources to provide high precision machining with excellent quality at competitive costs.

We have engineering for the development of programs and the needs of Design, Calculus,…